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Charlotte Plumbing Review

I’m tired of the old call a plumber you can trust Charlotte Plumbing that my parents have had since they first got it in 1940. A friend of mine has had it for about five years. The water pressure is really high, sometimes it can knock you out if you’re not paying attention, and the water never seems to come out of the faucet the way it should. The kitchen faucets are plastic, and clunky looking; you might wonder why anyone would keep it after they’ve had it.


Charlotte Plumbing, as of this writing, has been very professional and friendly. Installed a new kitchen faucet at an affordable price without any problems. My parents told me about the plumber that came to their home when they where having some repairs done, the guy did a great job, and left with no tools in his car, and he returned with a tool set.


My mom told me that she has had the same plumbers for over twenty years. She had one bad day, but she always called them back, and the crew that was there fixed her problem in a short amount of time, and it cost her like four dollars. I really liked this plumber, he greeted me when I came home from work, and he was nice enough to wait while I went and filled out a couple of forms. He also brought a bottle of a cleaner that he used to clean up the grease on my sink, that made it look really good. The only downside to hiring this Charlotte Plumbing company is that they charge a pretty good amount for a plumber, and you have to pay a monthly fee for the service that they provide, but overall it was really good experience.


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