Types of Protective Face Shields

Protective Face Shields

Protecting the face and the eyes is the primary purpose of the various types of protective gear used by law enforcers. Among the most common of these are face shields, goggles, bulletproof vests, and gloves. While face shields are worn on the head and face, goggles are worn to protect the eyes from gun fire or other forms of injury. Goggles are often used in conjunction with bullet-proof vests as a means of improving the wearer’s level of protection. The primary difference between protective headgear and body armor is that the face and eyes cannot be pierced; this is what allows for the quick and instant protection of these parts of the body.

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Protective headgear is also commonly used by first responders. The initial burst of force that police officers and firefighters use to control outbreaks of violent crime requires them to quickly take cover behind their protective shields. In order to keep their eyes protected, they wear protective face shields that cover the entire face. Because of their specialized nature, face protectors can also be worn by the fire fighter who is on the line of fire; these devices are made to withstand high temperatures and will prevent any damage from happening to the person wearing them. Eye protectors are also a popular choice among first responders as these devices will allow those in harm’s way to see the injured or deceased victims and give them the assistance they need to get to safety.

In addition to being used by law enforcement officials and first responders, protective face shields have been used for medical purposes for quite some time. Medical practitioners have long known the benefits of using a face shield during procedures that protect the face and eyes. These devices offer a level of protection that is second to none and will allow those in harm’s way to protect their faces without panicking. A face shield has also been used to protect children and babies for many years. From infants to toddlers and even adults, face shields are available and have proven their worth in more ways than one.