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Fast Fire Watch Company

In a world where technology has improved to the point where every day seems to bring some new and amazing technological advancement, it is only fitting that we look back to the past and give thanks to a company that did not exist during this time and one that made these amazing timepieces possible. There was a company back in the year 1895 that made these very intriguing and unique watches known as the Fast Fire Watch Company. These wristwatches were the brainchild of a man named Adolphus Lechenthaler and his wife, Ida Lechenthaler. They were attempting to create a better way to tell the time, and as you can imagine they came up with an idea that would change the face of watches forever.

The Lechenthalers came up with a series of watches that were all based on fire rescue. The company itself was designed in a circular form with four points representing the hour, the minute, the second, and the hour hand. These watches included a special hour hand that actually turned when it got too dark for reading. This was not something that had been thought to be possible at the time and it was their efforts that brought about this concept. The first of these watches that the Lechenhalers designed were not very successful and they only managed to sell thirty of them. The problem was that they were not waterproof and they did not contain a date or a battery.

In order to improve upon their failed attempts, the Lechenhalers decided to go into business for themselves and they began selling watches that were waterproof, had a date, and even had a battery. All of these great ideas were put together in what is known today as the Fast Fire Watch Company. When it was opened in June of 96, it did not take long for the company to become wildly popular and their popularity only increased with each new watch that was introduced to the public. Fast Fire Watch Company has been providing quality watches and more recently has taken on the idea of offering a complete line of watches. If you are interested in purchasing a great looking, unique watch that is truly unique and one of a kind, you will want to take a look at the Fast Fire Watch Company.


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